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  1. What ages do we teach at Suncrest Farm? 
    All ages are welcome


  2. What should I wear? 
    Long pants or jeans without pocket bling. Closed toe shoes, low-heel boots (no zippers on the inside)


  3. Where are we located?
    13915 SunCrest Road, Manor TX


  4. What are lessons typically like?
    We offer a well rounded program for riders of all ages and experience levels. Lessons can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. In all of our lessons the students will catch their horse, groom their horse, saddle their horse, ride, unsaddle and release after their riding portion of the lesson. We teach all aspects of horsemanship at SunCrest Farm, with safety and the understanding of our horses being our central focus. Whether you are looking to compete or just ride for pleasure, we can help you along on your horse journey.


  5. Can I start in group lessons?
    No. New students are not permitted to go into groups until they are able to catch, groom, tack up, untack, and release the horse independently in their private lessons.


  6. When can I/my child start in group lessons?
    We make that decision on a case-by-case basis. Student must be able to catch and get horse ready for lesson, as well as take care of horse after we ride and release them back to their pasture. Group lessons are a great opportunity to learn with friends. However, students need to be independent and ready to focus.  At SunCrest Farm, we are careful to match students and horses so that they each get the most out of their lesson.


  7. What do I/my child need to start?
    Long pants and closed toed shoes are required. Boots; either cowboy boots, or English riding boots are highly recommended if you/your child decides to continue riding. Purchasing your own helmet is also recommended if you/your child are/is serious about riding. No pants with pocket bling are permitted.


  8. Can we come to our lesson early?
    Please plan to arrive to your lesson on time. This ensures that each student gets their instructor's attention for their full time. Approved students are able to arrive 15 minutes early to their lesson.

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